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Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (EST)

Phone: 800-627-3473 (speak to a technician); 203-484-7161; Fax: 203-484-7118

Pre-arranged After-Hours Technical Support: For customers who need to speak with a factory technician after regular business hours or on weekends, we can pre-arrange a time with you when live phone support can be available. To request this type of support, click the button below to provide the details of your request and to schedule your appointment with one of our NICET certified technicians. We request a 12-hour notice to respond to your message.

Based on your feedback and in an effort to continuously improve our product support, we are pleased to offer a variety of short ‘How-To Training Videos’ for frequently asked Fire-Lite product questions. Most of these videos are under 3 minutes long and provide a quick but effective way of learning how to solve some of our most commonly asked questions. We hope they help answer your questions and save you some time, too. Enjoy! Watch Now!

Give us your ideas! Tell us what you would like to see added or improved on our products.

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If Technical Services directs you to return the product, download and complete the RMA Request form. Provide as much detail about the problem as you can, and be sure to include the technical support ticket number on the request. Please place the completed form in the carton with the product and return it to your place of purchase.

Download the RMA Repair Form

Download the RMA Warranty Request and Restock Form


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