Lite-Calcs can be used to determine if the control panel's power supply can support loading various conditions and determines the size of the secondary power source needed to sustain the control panel under loss of primary (AC) power. Note: Screens, options and program functions differ from panel to panel. You can enter quantities of boards, parts and peripherals for the fire alarm system and the program does the rest.

This is a full release of Lite-Calcs version 3.1.1 and will update versions from 3.x. If you have previous version installed, remove them through the Windows Control Panel.

Download Summary

File Name:
File Size: 34.1 MB
Date: 12/17/15
Version: 3.1.1


Lite-Calcs version 3.1.1 includes the following updates:

• Added the ECC-50BDA Distributed Audio Amplifier to the program, along with the ECC-50BDA with ECC-50WBU, 25v and 70.7v versions (US Only).

• Added the System Sensor Low Frequency Sounders and Sounder/Strobes to the program (HR-LF, HW-LF, P2RH-LF, and P2W-LF).

• Corrected file not found errors that would occur inside the View Data Sheet button inside the Lite-Calcs Database Editor.

• Added additional configuration options to the ECC-50/100(E) in the Power Source dropdown box so users can select setups that include the additional 25v and 70.7v additional amplifiers (ECC-50W-25V/70V), and the ECC-CE6 Circuit Expander.

• Added the following System Sensor AV devices to the program for the US: PC2WHK, SPSCWK-CLR-ALERT, SPSRHK, SPSWK-CLR-ALERT, SPSW-CLR-ALERT, SEP-SW, and SEP-SPSW.

For a complete, list of updates, view the Readme document.



• PC with Windows 2000 or higher.

• MS Office 2000 or higher.

Download Instructions

1. Click Download and right-click Save As.

2. Save the file to your PC

Installation Instructions

1. Run Lite-Calcs-3.1.1-setup.exe and follow the installation prompts.

2. If prompted, reboot your computer.

3. When finished installing, you can delete the installation file.


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