Lite-Configurator Download

Lite-Configurator allows you to configure a bill of materials for addressable and conventional Fire-Lite panels.
This is a full version of Lite​-Configurator (version 3.1) that replaces version 3.0 and earlier.


  • File Name:
  • File Size: 23.7 MB
  • Date: 05/07/18
  • Version: 3.1
  • Requires: Microsoft Office 2007 or later; Windows XP or later – if using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and up, we recommend using the “Run as Administrator” option

3.1 Updates

  • Version 3.1 corrects a problem with the ES-50X Control Panel and not being able to add ANN-BUS devices.
  • Contains the new Endurance Series Control Panels, ES-50X and ES-200X
  • 365 Series Intelligent Addressable devices have been added along with bases, trim rings, and color kits
  • Fixed the problem with printing all data sheets from the Bill of Materials screen
  • Added the new System Sensor 4-wire L-Series devices to the program
  • Added ANN-100, CELL-CAB-FL, and CELL-MOD to the program

For a complete list of updates, review the current Readme document.


To start the download, we ask you to register by providing: name, email, phone, company, and location. By registering, you’ll receive these benefits:

  • Ability to send messages to the Lite-Configurator development team
  • Notification of product upgrades and updates

Installation Instructions

  1. Uninstall Lite-Configurator Version 3.0 or earlier through the Windows Control Panel
  2. Extract and run liteconfigurator3.1_setup.exe and follow the installation prompts
  3. If prompted, reboot your computer
  4. When finished installing, you can delete the installation file