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This is a full version of Lite-Configurator Version 2.7 whi​ch updates and replaces Version 2.6.4 and earlier. To get the download, you need to register by completing a form with a valid e-mail address, full name, and company name. Registering Lite-Configurator provides the following benefits:

     • Unlimited e-mail access to the Lite-Configurator development team.
     • Notification of product upgrades and updates for a period of no less than 12 months.

Note: Lite-Configurator requires Microsoft Office 2000 or higher.

Download Summary
File Name:
File Size: 28.3 MB
Date: 06/13/17
Version: 2.7
Requires: Microsoft Office 2000 or later; Windows XP or later


Note: Download requires registration.



Lite-Configurator Version 2.7 includes the following updates:


Updated the database with the new L-Series Notification Appliances from System Sensor.


Removed some old discontinued SpectrAlert devices from the database, they will no longer appear in the program.


Discontinued some SpectrAlert Advance Notification Appliances, this items will still appear in the program but will appear at the bottom of the list of devices with a discontinued note and a suggested replacement model.

  For a complete, list of updates, view the current Readme document


PC with Windows XP or higher.


MS Office 2000 or higher. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and up, we recommend using the Run as Administrator option.
Download Instructions
1. Click Download and right-click Save As.
2. Save the file to your PC

Installation Instructions

Note: Remove Lite-Configurator Version 1.2 or earlier through the Windows Control Panel.


Extract and run Lite-Configurator_Version_2_7.exe and follow the installation prompts.


If prompted, reboot your computer.


When finished installing, you can delete the installation file.

 Contact us for support on this program.