Tailoring Voice Evac/Mass Notification Training to Suit Your Needs – by Tom Rosa, Fire-Lite Alarms   

Recently, I was contacted by a fire alarm installation company that was requesting training on our new ECC-50/100 voice system in support of an installation they had scheduled in April.

Seeing as I was already in the process of developing an instructor-led fully hands-on course for delivery later this year (stay tuned!), I did what many trainers would do. (I shamelessly seized the opportunity to test the materials I’d developed to date.) ​ECCTrainingLajoiesmall.jpg

The entire Fire-Lite training team participated in conducting the class here at our factory last month on March 4th & 5th. Personally, I was very excited at this opportunity as this was the very first hands-on voice evacuation class we’ve done in the 10 years that I’ve been a Fire-Lite trainer!

The attendees indicated that they enjoyed the hands-on experience and felt that they were well prepared to do an installation. They also provided valuable feedback to us. We identified a few things to add to the course and others that needed a little tweaking.

I thought this might be a good time to hear from other Fire-Lite customers on the subject of voice systems, so I created a short, two-question poll to help us further tailor the content of the course. All responses are strictly confidential. Click here to take the survey or paste the link below into your web browser:


Hope to see you in a Fire-Lite Academy! You can view our entire 2014 course schedule, go through our online training modules, and even register for training right online.


Tom Rosa oversees all Fire-Lite Alarms training programs as a Training Supervisor for Honeywell Fire Systems. With more than a decade of experience as a Fire-Lite trainer and the support of a strong team of experienced, NICET-certified trainers, Tom guides the content and methods by which the company educates Fire-Lite users throughout the United States and Caribbean. 

Published  on  4/14/2014  by  Honeywell
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