Answers to 1,500 Top Fire Alarm Technical Questions by Jason Knowlton, Fire-Lite Alarms

​The newly revamped FAQ section of the Fire-Lite website ( has been updated and categorized from the 1,500 FAQs that have been present on our website for years. This ...[Read more]

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Exclusive Mass Notification Feature Earns Platinum Status for Govt Facilities by Elizabeth Richards, Fire-Lite Alarms

​Fire-Lite Alarms is proud to share that the ECC-RTZM (Remote Telephone Zone Module for the Emergency Command Center) has been awarded the Platinum designation in the Emergency Communications category of the 2014 Govie Awards! Launched in ...[Read more]

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Simple Revenue-Building Services that You Can Offer by John Brady of TRG Associates

​Testing and Inspection Contracts, Video Alarm Verification, Maintenance Contracts are all powerful sources of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) that I’ve delved into here on Fire-Lite Alarms’ Social-Lite blog. But wait, there’s more – how about ...[Read more]

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Renovation Under Fire by Richard Conner

​Renovations are a part of life for a commercial building. Whether they're renovations due to tenant changes or upgrades in an aging building, many facilities undergo renovations that coincide with the changing needs of the facilities. This becam ...[Read more]

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“Maintaining” Strong Fire Biz RMR – by John Brady, TRG Associates

​So I’ve covered better ways for fire alarm dealers to gain Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) through Test and Inspection Contracts and how to use Video to Grow Your Fire Biz. Now let’s get into maintenance contracts that offer better service to y ...[Read more]

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Yes, Video Can Grow Your Fire Biz RMR! – by John Brady, TRG Associates

​Beyond fire alarm dealers’ typical monitoring and service contracts, there are so many more creative sources for building your fire business’s recurring monthly revenue (RMR), as I mentioned in my previous blog: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Fire Alar ...[Read more]

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Is an Unmonitored Sprinkler System Good Enough? – by Lynn Dudley, Fire-Lite Alarms

​Is having an unmonitored sprinkler system enough for a commercial building? I think not! Isn’t supervising a sprinkler system for integrity the core of what an effective life safety solution is all about? Occasionally the question will com ...[Read more]

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This Ain’t Your Mama’s Fire Alarm Biz – New Sources of Recurring Revenue - by John Brady, TRG Associates

​The fire alarm industry is changing, and the opportunity for dealers to position themselves for strong recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is greater than ever. However, setting the stage for real RMR means thinking outside of the box and, at times, ...[Read more]

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Tailoring Voice Evac/Mass Notification Training to Suit Your Needs – by Tom Rosa, Fire-Lite Alarms

Recently, I was contacted by a fire alarm installation company that was requesting training on our new ECC-50/100 voice system in support of an installation they had scheduled in April. Seeing as I was already in the process of developing an ins ...[Read more]

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Another Great ISC West! - by Elizabeth Richards, Honeywell Fire Systems

This past ISC West marks my 10th ISCW Expo – WOW! That’s 10 years of planning, display designs, setups/tear downs, debacles of missing parts and pieces, and more importantly that’s 10 years of watching Fire-Lite and Honeywell Power grow!  I can’ ...[Read more]

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