Technical Bulletins

SWIFT® - W-GATE Gateway Reboot

Oct 19, 2015

Fire-Lite has discovered a potential issue with the SWIFT W-GATE wireless system gateway and W-DIS-D display drivers shipped between the dates of October 1, 2014 through September 18, 2015

W-GATE gateways and display drivers shipped during this time period may experience a continuous gateway rebooting condition. The rebooting condition will result in the gateway no longer communicating with the wireless detectors and modules within the gateway’s mesh network. This will be indicated at the panel as an Invalid Reply Trouble for all affected wireless detectors and modules.

All SWIFT project sites are recommended to upgrade W-GATE gateway firmware to version 1.4 or higher at the next regularly scheduled service interval. SWIFT firmware is available for download from the Fire-Lite Firmware Site. Upgrade instructions are included within the download file.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Fire-Lite Alarms' Technical Support Representative at 1-800-627-3473, if you have any questions regarding this announcement. ​​​​​